Forsaken (2015) – Movie Review

March 2, 2016 3:12 am by
Forsaken movie poster - Big Fat Kill


Kiefer and Donald Sutherland share the screen in this brooding western about an embittered gunslinger who attempts to make amends with his estranged father whilst their community is besieged by ruthless land-grabbers.


  • Demi Moore - Mary-Alice Watson
  • Kiefer Sutherland - John Henry Clayton
  • Donald Sutherland - Rev. Clayton
  • Brian Cox - James McCurdy


  • Jon Cassar


Seen it all before. There are some mighty rusty scenes in there that really should have been rewrote. Watching it I get the feeling that Sutherland Sr. was struggling with the script as he delivers a lot of his lines rather awkwardly and is not believable for the majority of his screen time.

Borrows from far better movies of the genre (most notably Unforgiven) and has a made for TV feel about it . .the plot could be an episode of the A-Team. I’ve seen a lot better but I’ve also seen a lot worse. Nothing special as far as movies or Westerns go and as badass as Kiefer is as Bauer, here he doesn’t really cut it.

But it is good to see father and son on screen together. Worth a watch just for that.

2.0 Stars (2.0 / 5)

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