Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) – Movie Review

November 18, 2014 1:03 am by
Guardians of the Galaxy - Movie Poster - Big Fat Kill


In the far reaches of space, an American pilot named Peter Quill finds himself the object of a manhunt after stealing an orb coveted by the villainous Ronan.


  • Zoe Saldana - Gamora
  • Karen Gillan - Nebula
  • Chris Pratt - Peter Quill / Star-Lord
  • Bradley Cooper - Rocket Raccoon (voice)


  • James Gunn

Run time

  • 121 min


Marvel’s Z List Avengers is an enjoyable romp but hugely overrated. Star Lord (Pratt), Rocket (Cooper) and Groot (Diesel) are highlights but Saldana and Bautista are grating and Pace’s villain is very poor. Not Pace himself who does what he can, he just got lumbered with a crap character. Groot has more going for him and he’s a tree. This sort of movie needs a Vader and doesn’t get it.

Enjoyable action with some good set pieces but I won’t be too fussed about any sequels or spin off and definitely won’t watch it again.

3.0 Stars (3.0 / 5)

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