The Nut Job (2014) – Movie Review

March 5, 2014 9:54 am by
The Nut Job movie poster - Big Fat Kill


An incorrigibly self-serving exiled squirrel finds himself helping his former park brethren raid a nut store to survive, that is also the front for a human gang's bank robbery..


  • Will Arnett - Surly (voice)
  • Brendan Fraser - Grayson (voice)
  • Liam Neeson - Raccoon (voice)
  • Katherine Heigl - Andie (voice)


  • Peter Lepeniotis

Run time

  • 85 min


The animation is nowhere near as good as a Pixar or Dreamworks and it looks like it was made about 10 years ago as the textures and colours aren’t up to todays standards.

The key to a good animated movie is to entertain kids and adults and this is definitely a kids film.

Funded by South Korea which explains the bizarre appearance of Psy and a quickly assembled feel make this feel cheap and outdated and more importantly not very entertaining. Goes through the motions . . yet another formulaic cash cow for Hollywood.

1.5 Stars (1.5 / 5)

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